Photos taken during my work for the media house Delo.


With the virus approaching the borders of Slovenia in early March, the borders were closed overnight and various measures have come to life. Therefore, many remained trapped on the Slovenian borders and also within the country and could not return to their homeland.


Every year, a week before Shrove Saturday, unmarried boys from Drežniške Raven, Magozd and Jezerc dress up in traditional masks and go on an exciting tour of the surrounding homesteads.


In urban environments, firefighting festivities evoke similar reactions as Slovenian telenovelas: Supposedly no one follows them, but everyone criticises them in turn ...



Even today, it is not clear whether the hairy ones in the hands of young women should be understood as a fashion accessory, or whether those few four-legged animals who were brought up in the audience were really interested in the latest line of leashes and muzzles.


"His photographs open up a view of the street that is often markedly witty and ironic, which Vogel also achieves through his choice of framing, dramatic contrasts and imaginative perspectives."  - Nika Perne to the exhibition Rebalance